muh computers

this is where i post about computers and dumb stuff like that

my hardware

my main computer is a thinkpad t430. im not really sure about the specs but it has a sandy bridge cpu i think.

it also has 6 gigabytes of ram which is nice.

it is permanently hooked into a shitty mouse, unicomp ultra classic model m sun layout keyboard (or something along those lines i just remember it was long) and a monitor which i dont know the name of (1920x1080)


I use dwm

I use emacs for the simple reason that i like it but I occasionally use vi (for editing config files or ssh connections (i dont know how to use SWANK))


i program mainly in lisp(CL and scheme), C, and go but I also know C++, python, and sh and would like to learn haskell and erlang.


i use:

everyday and use stumpwm occasionally.


i used to have a server.

if i were to have one again i would use the same setup